10 Easy Steps to Maintaining a Great Curl

By: Nicole Tamargo

Long Curls

Long lasting curls seem like a myth. Some women have this innate talent of keeping their curls lasting all day and night. Celebrities always seem to have this gift mastered. They have the resources to sustain styles because of the knowledge of their stylists.

Follow these simple steps and you too can maintain perfect curls!

hair shampooing

  1. Shower Using Little Conditioner or Skip the Wash

Many stylists advocate using little conditioner to avoid having smooth hair when curling. The smoother your hair is the less likely it is to sustain a solid curl. When you shower, use a light shampoo and conditioner.

You can also opt out of your daily shampooing and curl your day-old hair.  Simply use a water-less dry hair shampoo on any oily sections. The dry shampoo will provide instant volume and the texture you need when curling your hair.

  1. Use a Krème

Saturate your damp hair from the roots to the ends with a curl krème which allow an easier curl. Using a krème with high tech copolymers helps control and strengthens your hair making it more manageable to style.

blow dryer

  1. Blow Dry Your Hair

Once your hair is full of product, blow dry it. Make sure that your hair is fully dry before continuing to style. Damp hair will not curl.

  1. Use a Vitamin Oil 

By using a vitamin oil in your hair it speeds up the drying process.  Using a vitamin oil will not only make your curls last but it will also enable your hair to grow faster. Apply a small amount of oil from the mid hair shaft to the ends of your hair. These oils are healthy for your hair and provide an abundance of benefits.


  1.  Section Off Your Hair

Parting your hair into sections gives each curl a better chance to sustain its bounce. In addition to this, it gives you a better view of what you have and have not curled. This avoids you missing any pieces! For a tighter curl use a smaller barrel  take a smaller section. If you want a loser curl take a larger section and use a larger barrel.

  1. Use a Workable Hairspray

Spray your desired section with a flexible holding spray to allow more styling and offers a hold when you curl. You can use a workable hairspray on the section you pieced off before curling.

  1. Curl Using a Quality Curling Iron

When curling your hair make sure to use a beneficial curling iron, preferably with a digital dial. If it is not digital it can be hard to read what the temperature may be, and might affect the quality of the curl. Be aware of what type of hair you have and adjust accordingly. If you have thicker hair, a higher heat setting like 350 degrees would work better as opposed to someone with fine hair who should be curling at a lower setting like 300 degrees.


  1. Hold the Curls Before Letting Them Fall Down

Let your curls set and cool. Hold them gently for about 15-30 seconds. If you let them fall when they are too hot, they will lose the curl you had just made. If you want a lose curl then release your curl after holding for the 15-30 seconds. If you want a tighter curl that will last longer, hold for the 15-30 seconds and then pin them.

  1. Pin the Curls Up

Pin your curls up for a tighter curl. This gives them a chance to cool before allowing them to fall. The longer the curls are “untouched” the longer they will last. It allows the cuticles to close. It creates more structure and volume for your curls.

  1. Hairspray

Once you allowed the curls to cool, take a brush and spray a finishing spray (Incredible Holding Spray) onto it. Brush lightly through your hair. This eliminates any frizz while holding your curls through-out the day and night!

curly 1

If your hair is experiencing any issues curling, consider that your hair may be damaged. The elasticity in the hair will not allow for a curl. Consider using a bonding shampoo or conditioner to repair the damage.

By utilizing these tips you will get that perfect curl you have been striving for! These tips will subside the hassle to give you the chance the conqueror curls falling out of place!