Our Story

In 1950, five year old, Dennis Bernard started working in his father Eugene’s salon in Union, New Jersey. Over many years with his father’s guidance, Dennis was able to learn the business and gain the knowledge to one day become a future hairstylist, salon and chain owner. In 1981 after securing his NJ state license, Dennis and his father developed a new innovative product which would change the course of hair color services within the beauty industry. Using the Jheri Redding methods of oils as conditioners, exact measurements were configured to develop a product that would condition, eliminate fade out, add coverage, and speed up hair color services to under 15 minutes. In 1986 the marketing begun and the beauty world was introduced to this new POWERTOOL additive which would step up hair color to its next level. The Color Accelerator, or as you know it, TCA, was born. Over the years Dennis Bernard Inc. continues to invent and create new salon problem-solvers under the POWERTOOLS moniker for the professional hairstylist for color and chemical services. In 2005 Dennis took a step into the retail side of the industry and came full circle when he produced SmartSolutions, a sulfate-paraben-cruelty-diversion free, retail line inspired by keeping the hairstylist, client, and the environment in mind. All the products are plant extract based and are formulated to revitalize the hair, while extending the life of your color service. Not to mention, all products are packaged in 100% recyclable bottles, pucks, and tubes.

We continue to be inspired by the true beauty in all of us on a daily basis. It’s what drives and fuels this company. Thanks for visiting.

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