Volumizing Styling Dust


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Volumizing Styling Dust (VSD) makes hair easy to style
and play with. It gives fine hair a boost of volume, texture
and hold. VSD is a weight free dust that is easy to apply
and doesn’t make the hair fall flat like liquid products. VSD
can be used on all hair types by varying the amount used.
Volume and tousled looks are a snap with VSD.


  • Finger style volume into the hair
  • Helps to hide exposed scalp
  • Equivalent to a can of mousse or tube of gel
  • Root Boost
  • Texturizer
  • Humidity resistant


Aloe Leaf Extract is used for its healing and moisturizing
properties for the hair and scalp.


Apply to dry hair. Sprinkle small amounts of VSD into the
palm of your hand, rub hands together and apply starting
with root area and working out towards the ends. You can
also apply it directly by shaking small amounts lightly on
the hair and then working VSD in with your fingers.

Available Size: 1 oz.

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